The Importance of Training The Importance and Value of Training
Make Your Training Effective
Data Dynamics is primarily engaged in data network training. The decade just passed has placed networking at center-stage. Yet many believe this sea change in information technology has just begun.

Change has also come to the way we train people joining and already part of our industry. No longer is on-the-job training sufficient. A recent training study concluded that eight hours of instructor-led training is as effective as 80 hours of OJT. Given this 10:1 ratio, the need becomes clear.

Focused training saves money, reduces downtime and stress, retains employees and boosts morale. An established training strategy at the personal, departmental and corporate level marks the disciplined training approach demanded of today's professionals.

In the world we are in and still evolving into, our skills are becoming exponentially more valuable and far more visible as we reshape our economy into a worldwide, 24-hour-a-day marketplace.

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