The Importance of Training Effective Training: Define your Objectives
Make Your Training Effective

Taking a moment to fulfill this simple step assures all involved that the training's purpose is clear. By simply asking questions like the ones below, the purchaser sets the target at which students and vendors will aim.

  • What should these students be able to do when this is over?
  • What will they know that they don't know now?
  • Will what they learn contribute to what they do on the job?
  • What skills will they attain, retain and use for the long term?

On-target training is not expensive; it is good value for time and money invested. What is expensive is training that isn't efficient. Efficient training makes each precious class minute count toward meeting the objective(s) for which the buyer is paying.

Data Dynamics takes pride in helping students learn, succeed and contribute to their company's success. Our experience is clear: When we help clients say in simple words what the training is supposed to achieve, we help assure that our training will be efficiently conducted, that students will be in the right class for the right reasons, and that the buyer will be satisfied with the results..

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